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When you work with us, you will be provided with creative direction and strategies to actualise your vision and stimulate business growth through modern marketing and technology-centric activities.

Our proprietary Design Thinking Framework has been developed to mine insights and provide creative, problem-solving strategies that stimulate business growth. Every outcome is unique and highlights areas for improvement or opportunities for growth.

By leveraging our collective experience in marketing, strategy development, technology and software development, we can help your business elevate its brand and acquire more customers in a unique and innovative way.

We specialise in B2B marketing. Our campaign strategies are customised to the specific needs of each of our clients and are designed to reduce the cost of acquisition by digitising and automating as much of the customer journey as possible so that sales teams can spend more time on converting high quality leads rather then wasting precious man-hours on generating cold leads.

Helping Clients

Services designed for problem solving

Marketing Strategy

Our Clients sometimes find it difficult to cut through to their customers despite having a great product and an energetic team. We work with our Clients to develop a Marketing Strategy that is clear and actionable and unlocks the potential of their sales pipeline.



We often hear our Client’s frustration around market penetration and find that they are employing inconsistent messaging across their customer engagement activities. We run Branding activities to assist Clients in understanding what their own brand is and how to effectively and consistently communicate that to their market.


Customer Journey Mapping

Our clients often understand that something is holding back the potential of their sales pipeline,but are unsure what it is. We facilitate Customer Journey Mapping which allows our Clients to understand the end-to-end purchasing cycle of their prospects and helps identify any gaps


Content Syndication

The internet is a fantastic way to reach your market but is often a confusing and difficult place to effectively navigate. We assist our Clients with Content Syndication and introduce their content to a wider – but also highly relevant – audience.


Digital Marketing Strategy

Twitter. Facebook. LinkedIn. Instagram. Retargeting. Which one? How frequently? What content should we promote? These are the questions we’re constantly asked by our Clients. We assist by developing Strategies that provide a clear and actionable approach to digital activities. Pressed for time? We can help execute your strategy too.


Online Advertising

Our Client’s often talk to us about their uncertainty about the range of online advertising available to then, and don’t really know where to start. We have experience in planning and executing many forms of Digital and Programmatic Advertising, including AdWords, Retargeting, Social Media Advertising and Affiliate Marketing.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

As competition increases and search algorithms change, it’s easy for websites that aren’t continuously updated to get left behind. For many of our Clients, their website plays a critical role in acquiring new sales – from brand awareness, to research, to purchasing – so having a modern and discoverable website is of utmost importance. We build new websites, refresh old ones, and ensure that they are discoverable by employing the latest Search Engine Optimization (SEO) techniques.


CTO as a Service

Most of our clients are highly innovative and have a lot of great ideas. The challenge they are often faced with is knowing what technology-mix they should be considering. We provide vendor-agnostic strategies to help entrepreneurial minds select the coding language, hosting platforms, database structures, data privacy considerations, and plugins like AI that would best suit their innovative concept. We advise on resource selection including what to look for in new hires, or we will contract and manage the best team to build your application.


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Our Approach

We understand your business. We get it. You want a business focussed approach, not an agency focussed approach. The team at LimeHub have extensive experience on the buyer-side of marketing in the B2B, services and technology sectors. We’ve crafted our work around the foundations of the business focussed approach that we yearned for during our time as corporate Heads of Marketing. The result is an entirely different Agency experience; one that’s focussed on your unique needs and business objectives. We’ve developed tools that accelerate complex marketing development processes so that we can offer your business a tailored approach and better outcomes at a lower cost.

Our approach is underpinned by the principle that if we provide your business with great outcomes and an outstanding customer experience, we’ll create happy clients and brand advocates. This means that we don’t have to ‘get the claws’ in to your business with exorbitant long-term engagements or sticky service offerings.

The team at LimeHub will be your long-term ally in the race to the top. Drop us a note so we can arrange a meeting and can get to know each other better.

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