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Micro influencer marketing

How we Turn your Team into Micro-Influencers

To be a micro-influencer, you need to be regarded as a trusted subject-matter expert with a strong online following from a relevant audience. Your profile needs to be professional and visually appealing, and you need to be publishing engaging and thought-provoking or inspiring material. Not every person has the time, confidence, or ability to promote their professional brand which represents a missed opportunity for businesses and other organisations. People – especially in the B2B market – buy from people which means that having a team of micro-influencers on your side will catapult growth and brand strength.


Our team of experts makes creating micro-influencers easy for businesses or teams like yours. We start by interviewing your customers to find out a bit more about why they chose your solution over alternatives, and what they want to learn more about. We then take time to get to know each budding micro-influencer – including their personality, their writing style and their stance on each of the topics customers want more information about.


We audit and polish up their social profiles before going on to ghost-write articles or produce video content on behalf of each of the budding micro-influencers. Once enough content is produced, we start to pitch contributor stories to industry-relevant publications and podcasts and begin promoting content through the company page to a wider audience.


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Why having micro-influencers on your team is important

As mentioned previously, people buy from people. We as humans are conditioned to rely on social proof for decision-making and are less inclined to trust companies. Micro-influencers are a powerful selling tool who help reduce sales-cycles, increase revenue, and improve brand and market positioning.

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