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At our core, we embrace technology and innovation. If the price of innovation is replacing ourselves and our services with technology, then so be it. Especially if it means valuable solutions at an affordable cost. When you claim your free brand audit, we will send you a link to an online tool. You and your key stakeholders will be encouraged to complete it so that we can establish if there are inconsistencies between respondents. Our audit establishes optimal combinations of colour palettes, fonts, archetypes, and brand personality that aligns with marketing positioning and differentiation. If you have a visual brand already, that’s no problem, we will take that into consideration when completing your audit.


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Branding is often thought of as only visual – a logo, key messaging on a website, colours, etc. but it’s much more than that. A nice logo doesn’t make a strong brand. A logo – or something identifiable – helps your audience make a decision based on perceptions and assumptions. Your brand is what your customers and prospective customers think of your business. For example this could include how cheap or expensive you are, the quality of your product or service, or the customer service standards, compared to your competitors. Having a strong brand that communicates correctly and is identifiable to your audience will decrease sales cycles and increase ROI.

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