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At our core, we embrace technology and innovation. If the price of innovation is replacing ourselves and our services with technology, then so be it. Especially if it means valuable solutions at an affordable cost. When you claim your free marketing plan, we will introduce you to Marsi, our eMarketer, who will gather all of the relevant information from you needed to develop a custom marketing plan. You’ll receive an automated email with your marketing plan immediately after chatting to Marsi online.

While we are working on training Marsi as a sophisticated AI, we will get our real people to review your plan and make recommendations on inconsistencies in your brand (if they exist), ways in which to differentiate, how to strengthen your position in the market, and which promotional activities to prioritise.


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Why having a marketing strategy is important

A great marketing plan means the difference between mediocrity and stagnation, and consistent growth. If a brand is inconsistent, the audience will fail to recognise it. If a business’ pricing strategies aren’t in line with the market positioning, the audience will become confused. If investments are being made in the wrong promotional activities, ROI will be compromised and money wasted. A good marketing plan helps businesses avoid these and other common pitfalls.

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