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There are a lot of free website auditing resources available online but we’ve found that they only give a fraction of the whole story around how well a website is working for a business. Some even give questionable results that are inconsistent with others. There are a lot of factors to take into consideration. For example, one tool might show that a website (or a page on a website) is very slow, but it doesn’t take into consideration how quickly the top of the page loads. This is known as a “first paint”. If a first paint is very fast but the rest of the page takes a while to load then it’s not going to negatively affect the user experience. This means that if your users experience is your priority, then speed isn’t going to be something you need to address.


In addition to performance, we also look at on page SEO including page titles and meta descriptions, Domain Authority, Backlinks, and current Keyword Rankings. This helps us make tailored recommendations based on your objectives.


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There’s no obligation to work with us. Our ethos at LimeHub is to offer information to businesses so that they can make informed decisioned. We hope that through the process we get to showcase our commitment to customer service, but we recognise that some businesses have pre-existing relationships or want to do things themselves.

If you do want us to help you with your website though, then we will create a tailored plan based on your budget and your objectives. We have an amazing team of strategists, designers, developers and writers ready to help.

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