Leverage Marketing Development Funds (MDF) Strategically

Marketing Development Funds

How we Help Leverage MDF Strategically

Marketing Development Funds (MDF) present channel partners with enviable competitive opportunities but they can also be quite hard to spend strategically. Vendor programs can be stringent with their guidelines which can provide a conflict of interest for channel partners who sell competing or similar vendor solutions. They can also be cumbersome to navigate administratively.


Channel partners who have their own marketing strategy can sometimes find it hard to weave in vendor-specific campaigns without compromising their brand and messaging. This, together with the administrative obstacles, often makes the effort outweigh the benefit.


We represent vendors and channel partners, so we understand the challenges and we offer an easy solution. We start by creating an internal marketing strategy specifically addressing the unique selling proposition of the channel partner. We then map the vendor programs available and develop strategic campaign plans that align with the marketing strategy, and the vendor guidelines. In many cases, we can leverage more than one program to maximise the investment.


This approach helps channel partners maximise their investment opportunities – and more importantly their return – and helps vendors to get the most out of their partners and programs. It also reduces the administrative burden having experts managing relationships and program details. Especially those who are also subject-matter experts in technology and understand the landscape.


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Why having subject-matter experts in tech is important in marketing

It’s not enough to have good writers, great designers, creative video editors, etc. as part of your marketing support team. They also need to be subject-matter experts in both the B2B space, and the technology industry. B2B marketing involves multiple stakeholders with different interests and different customer journeys. Some are technical, some are commercial, and some are operational. Business politics also plays a role in decision-making and you need an expert in the field who knows how to navigate this kind of complexity.

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