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At LimeHub we don’t simply offer marketing services, we help solve problems. As a result, we’ve developed online tools, offline techniques, and special promotions designed to tackle challenges that businesses face.


Helping solve problems

Free Tailored Marketing Plan

Businesses who don’t have a dedicated or well-resourced marketing team often find themselves wondering, not just what marketing activities are best for their business, but what marketing activities are even available to them. What if there was an advertising technique that would revolutionise their bottom-line but they didn’t know about it? What if the only activities they can think of are out of their scope or budget? Or what if there isn't consistency between promotions, pricing strategies, or branding? With this in mind, we are developing and testing a software prototype that creates tailored marketing plans for businesses using AI and machine learning. Request Beta access for your free marketing strategy.


Design Thinking Workshop

We speak to a lot of business people who simply can’t understand why their marketing or sales initiatives aren’t working, despite ticking all of the boxes or seeing their competitors succeed using the same initiatives. What they often overlook is taking a holistic view of the full customer journey to identify where the gaps are that are affecting their efforts. They might not, for example, be getting a clear message across to their audience because they haven’t understood the problem from the perspective of the customer, or there could be a barrier to purchasing such as a poor user experience. Our proprietary framework provides a creative approach to problem-solving. We take a human centred approach which revolves around the end-to-end customer journey.


Free Website Audit

For many businesses, their website is a critical tool and the first and last touch point which their clients and prospects will use to assess and contact them. Typically developers are the gatekeepers of websites leaving business potentially vulnerable and without any control. We strive to introduce transparency to as many aspects of marketing as possible and as such we offer a free online audit of the health of websites.


Brand and Style Audit

Branding exercises can typically set a business back between ten and thirty thousand dollars even though it's a highly repeatable process which can - and should - be digitised. As such, this is what we are currently developing so that all businesses, regardless of their size or competency in marketing, can compete fairly with a brand that is consistent and relevant. Branding isn't just a logo and fonts, it is so much more, and it's so often represented inconsistently across businesses and stakeholders. Businesses are welcome to take our audit and we will uncover any inconsistencies and offer advice on improvements - all for free! It is our hope that we will be the creative agency of choice for any work performed, but there is certainly no obligation. Contact us and we will start the process.


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