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Strategic Online Advertising Services


Promoting your brand and content via an omni-channel Digital Marketing Strategy is critical for any business operating in a competitive market.


50% of Australians log in to Facebook every day and approximately a third of all professionals use LinkedIn so these and other social platforms are great ways to connect with a large portion of your audience.


Search engines are still the number one place for research and carry a high buyer-intent, so ensuring your brand returns a result for a search query for your product or service by paying for keywords is a must.


It is also possible to retarget visitors to your website – this means that after you have channelled people to your website, you can show them additional adverts on other websites they go on to visit. All of the major social platforms offer this service as do Google and AdRoll which include popular sites such as Forbes, Gumtree,, and many more.


Each of the platforms have different, and sometimes complex, user interfaces and they are often changing both in usage and in performance. So, for businesses which don’t have dedicated resources to manage multiple platforms, it’s best to outsource this function as its both cheaper and the results more effective.




The Questions We Get Asked The Most

What is programmatic advertising?

This is any paid online advertising which uses a bidding system. The higher you bid for an audience to see your ad, the more it will get shown over competitor ads. Note though that if the quality of your ad or website isn’t good then even if you bid higher than your competitors, your ad might not be shown. Most platforms will suggest a bid amount but we recommend starting low and adjusting as necessary as you might otherwise be overcharged.

How long should I run ads for?

Even 12 months ago we would’ve said testing the performance of an ad could be done successfully over a month but as the competition increases, we recommend committing to at least two months with regular adjustments before deciding if it’s working for you or not. Keep in mind your sales cycles when measuring success as if a net new client takes 6 or more months to acquire, then you will need to either run ads for much longer or measure the performance long after the ads have been completed.

How much should I spend?

This depends on the average sale value of your services or products and the size of your audience. If you have a small audience and a low average sale value, then your budget would be much smaller than if you had a large audience. We recommend starting with about $5,000 AUD per month for ad spend. If you decide to outsource it then you will want to factor in content creation, campaign setup, and project management costs which will cost roughly $10,000 as a once-off investment.

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