Supercharge your Brand

Supercharge your brand

How we Help you Supercharge your Brand

A strong brand helps consumers (including B2B buyers) make decisions. It informs them subconsciously of the quality, price and service they can expect if they purchase. It also communicates something about the buyer. If you were to give a newly engaged couple a bottle of Passion Pop compared to a bottle of Moet as a congratulatory gift for example, it would say a lot about how much you value your relationship with them (or them as a couple) based on the perceived value of the gift.


If your brand is inconsistent or perceived differently to your strategy, then you will miss out on opportunities and potentially upset new customers when their expectations aren’t met.


We make it easy for businesses like yours to supercharge your brand first by interviewing your customers and asking strategic questions designed to uncover their pain points, find out your key competitors and identify what your unique selling proposition is. We then go on to audit your current brand so we can evaluate what it should be, and what it really is. We then go on to offer recommendations based on the evaluation. These could include activities around design, messaging, website content, PR, promotional activities, customer journey mapping, finding/creating micro-influencers, or even changes to your product/service or customer relations.


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Q: Can LimeHub help with the recommendations of the brand audit?

Absolutely. We have a team of highly skilled strategists, writers, editors, designers, videographers, developers, digital marketers, and PR agents ready to be of assistance.

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