Better Understand your Target Audience

Better understand your audience

How we Help you Better Understand your Audience

When you understand your audience, you benefit from improved messaging, effective product/service strategies, a strong brand, and more customers. But often, it’s hard to know what questions to ask customers in the first place. You could ask them straight-up what their top three pain points are, only to find that they aren’t sure, or that their issues are unrelated to your product or service.

Asking open-ended questions about top pain points will often result in a myriad of inconsistent answers you can’t use in your messaging because they are so broad. The answers might also be too generic. Revenue, sales, efficiency, scalability – all of the terms both you and your competitors are using to try to differentiate each brand in a crowded market.


We make it easy for businesses like yours to better understand your audience by interviewing your customers and asking strategic questions designed to uncover their real pain points, find out your key competitors and identify what your unique selling proposition is. You can check out examples of the key questions we would ask your customers here.


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Q: What should I do with the Data?

Before undertaking an exercise like this, you must be willing and able to act on the information provided. The information you receive could alter your brand, your messaging and communications, your pricing, the content on your website and in your sales and marketing materials, your product or service roadmap, service delivery, user experience, and your customer service.

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