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How we Generate Inbound Leads

Inbound leads have a significantly higher conversion rate compared to outbound leads because  the prospect has already identified a problem and has found your business to be a potential solution. They are very nearly ready to buy! Inbound leads are also cheaper to acquire (if done correctly) and reduce the burden of the sales team having to waste time on unqualified and uninterested “leads”.


Our solution to generating inbound leads for businesses like yours is simple yet highly strategic. We begin by interviewing your customers and asking them key questions designed to uncover your unique selling proposition and to find out what topics they want to learn more about. We go on to research and write one highly compelling eBook that only your specific target audience would be interested to learn about. This is a form of qualification – and arguably more importantly – disqualification, so you avoid the wrong prospects and only acquire the best ones.


After promoting your (gated) eBook through online channels such as social media and search engines, we enter each prospect who has downloaded your eBook into an email nurture sequence and retarget them on third party websites they visit. This effectively digitises part of the sales funnel and process which reduces the burden on your sales team. Finally, once we have successfully engaged and funnelled prospects, we follow them up by phone to set up a meeting for your team. By this stage, your ideal customer is primed and ready to buy!


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Q: What is Gated Content and Why is Inbound Better than Outbound?

Inbound marketing methods are designed to offer valuable information to the right audience, at the right time, and on the right platform. It is intended to funnel prospective clients to you when they are ready to buy. It is predominantly online. Conversely, outbound marketing methods typically take a spray and pray approach.


Gated content is content – like an eBook or infographic – that can only be received in exchanged for contact information through a form. It is a way of capturing the information of potential customers in order to funnel them into a sale.

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