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The online marketplace has become crowded and difficult to navigate. Search Engine Optimisation was once a golden nugget for businesses in-the-know to dominate the organic search results but as SEO techniques become cheaper, easier and more common, SEO has become less about technical proficiency but about time, effort and content production. A few years ago, a business could top the search results page by simply adding meta-descriptions, focus keywords, a few inbound and outbound links, and alt text to images. Now, almost all websites have decent SEO scores, but if they aren’t constantly adding new and relevant content, they will slip in rankings (or never reach the first page).


Search engines are still the number one place for research and carry a high buyer-intent, so ensuring your brand returns a result for a search query for your product or service by both paid and organic keywords is a must. The organic rankings are more difficult to acquire these days so promoting your brand and content via an omni-channel Digital Marketing Strategy is critical for any business operating in a competitive market.


By implementing an omni-channel Digital Strategy, you can beat your competitors across all platforms including search engines. If done effectively, this will drive down your advertising spend over time.


We strive to introduce transparency to as many aspects of marketing as possible and as such we offer a free online audit of the health of websites. Simply send us your website URL and the URLs of three key competitors and we will create a customised report for you.




The Questions We Get Asked The Most

What is Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)?

Search engines are databases: when you search for something, the search engine scans all relevant results to find the most suitable to show you. Therefore, the text descriptions behind webpages and images on your website must be relevant to the queries that your target audience searches for. They also need to rank higher in authority than other websites, including your competitors. SEO, is optimising websites to better rank for search engine queries.

Why is SEO important?

If a prospect is searching for your products or services, you’ll want your website to rank on the first page for them. You can either pay to achieve this using AdWords in the short-term, or invest in the long-term goal of eventually ranking on the first page without having to pay for ads. Because people are inherently suspicious, they tend to click on organic results rather than adverts, so it’s well worth making the long-term investment into organic SEO.

How long does it take to rank well?

This depends on your starting point but we recommend spending at least three months optimising your website for search engines. We start with making sure your on-page SEO (meta descriptions, alt texts, etc.) are applied correctly before generating inbound and outbound links designed to increase your websites Domain Authority (DA).

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